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Neater feeder testimonals
"We have three large boxers babies in our home who all love to drink water at the same time and love getting it all over the floor! I was so tired of keeping towels under the bowls. Not only was it gross from all the dog drool, but it looked horrible too in our brand new home. So after reading many reviews of the Neater Feeder, I decided to buy two! Best decision ever! There's no more need for towels under the bowls and all three boxers can still drink water out of the same bowl! I love these bowls and so do our boxers!"
Ashley R.
"Love, love, love this pet feeder! We bought one for our dog, Spanky. Sometimes when we leave him by himself at home, he gets upset and he would flip his dish over in the floor - not with this feeder. I don't have to clean up messes anymore. Yeah!!! Thanks!!"
Theresa W.
"Absolutely love it. Our doggie does too. I'd recommend it to anyone who has a dog. Thank you!"
Lisa C.
"This feeder is fantastic and I can't believe how much water is captured! I was mopping up the floor 3-4 times a day. The water was getting behind our baseboards and causing damage. We had a rubber place mat with a lip that helped, but not enough for our sloppy drinkers. We have had one tiny issue and I have to say the customer service department has been fantastic! An actual person answers the phone :)"
Erica B.
"I have two (2) English Mastiffs and a rescue German Sheppard/Rottweiler. This product has saved my hardwood floors and has saved me so much time and trouble of cleaning up after my pack. My dogs simply love it! I only wish that they made one in an extra-extra large size, but this does the trick for sure! Thank you so much!"
Tammy M.
"My name is Grace, I'm a greyhound and I love the neater feeder. I am not very clean about my drinking water and I am a little skiddish so with the sides, I don't see all the movement around me and get scared. If I'm using a regular raised feeder, I won't eat if there is movement, I get scared. Mom likes it because it saves all the cleanup of the wall and floor."
Grace & Kathy.
"My name is Gus and I am a Boxer and I'm 18 months old. My people have been trying to find a way to keep my water and food off the floor my whole life without any luck. We boxers can keep about a pint of water in our mouth until we clear the bowl, and get to the floor, oops! My mom saw a commercial for your feeder and went nuts showed dad the video on line and ordered me one. It took some special treats for me to try and reach the bowls at 1st but I'm a real pro now! Mom said it was the best thing she ever bought besides me ! We are a very happy family with my new Neater Feeder, thank you so much !!."
Gus H.
"I have a beautiful Golden Retriever who likes to cover his food. So when he does not have a towl to put on it he uses his nose to splash water or push dry food out to cover one another. With this product it's a simple cleanup. We have two now and recommend highly if you want your floors and wall to stay clean."
Scott V.
"I got 2 different sizes, ordered at the AVMA exhibit in Chicago. My one dog, the smaller of the two, ALWAYS made a mess on the floor when he ate. I am so pleased that both dogs are using their new Neater Feeders and I do not have to be constantly cleaning up the floor. They have had no issues adapting to the new feeders except for a bit of "what's this, a new bowl" that every dog experiences when things are changed. Thank you for this wonderful feeding equipment. The deeper bowl is wonderful for my larger dog who is a serious water drinker, especially in the summer months here in Florida!"
Judy P.
"5 star rating! We bought one of your feeders to use as water bowls for our Great Pyrennes dogs. With other bowls the dogs would leave a trail of water across the tile floor when they would drink. Your product works GREAT! Good job on making something that really works. Thanks for making it in the USA."
Skip C.
"I have two labs, that drink gallons upon gallons of water on a daily basis. I was constantly surrounding their water bowls with plastic, towels, anything that would catch all the splashed out water. They splashed out as much as they drank. Then one day I saw the neater feeder in the pet store. WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD.....This is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. No more towels, no more mess, no more slipping on the floor near their bowl. They are happy, I am elated. I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone who has pets. I nagged about it so much to my niece (who has a "messy" drinking lab) that she finally purchased one and loves it! I cannot stress enough, that if you are considering getting a pet, or have a pet, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM. Whomever came up with this idea is a genius!"
Jane F.
"I love the neater feeder have one for my Bradley and I just bought one for my son's dog Harley for Christmas."
Lewis W.
"THANK YOU!! You have come up with the perfect solution to the mess my dog used to make! I used to have her dishes on a rubber mat topped with one or two large bath towels. I was constantly changing the towels and wiping up water and food. From the first time my dog, Violet, a boxer/pitbull cross first started using the dish, my cleaning days were over. I love it!"
Bonnie D.
"We love it! We love the clean floors now and is so easy to clean best thing every invented for animals food. Five stars!!!!!!!!Thank you! We are recommending your product to everyone we know."
Mark Y.
"We purchased the neeter feeder after watching the commercial, we have a large pitbull, who was a messy eater, we got tired of picking up his food from the floor. After we put our dog's food in the feeder, this is absolutely no mess, We love it, thank you."
Bobbie H.
"We have a Bullmastiff and he is a very messy drinker. We used to have a lake on our floor every day. We were worried about our floors getting water damaged so we searched for a solution. We came upon the Neater Feeder site and immediately ordered one. Our floors and our stockings have been saved. That was four years ago. We just adopted another Bullmastiff and I have just ordered another Neater Feeder for her. This product is a must have if you have messy eaters and/or drinkers. I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog."
Ron M.
"Hi thanks to everyone who made my Neater Feeder purchase a grand success. I appreciated getting the tracking number so that I could track the order and be here when it arrived. Shipping was quick and easy along with the purchase of the two small feeders. I enjoyed getting them and quickly putting them out for my dogs. They are eating better than ever with bowls that stay put, don't slop water or allow for dropped food. We have the happiest dog eating family ever. I have a picky eater named Jasper a terrier mix. He eats like a cat with picky behavior with the Neater Feeder he has been a better eater than ever. He likes he height of the small size feeder and is thriving. My puppy Alexandra loves hers and the fact she has something the right height bowls that are all her own. Thanks again for helping my dog family be happy and healthy with better eating and drinking habits. "
Jennifer M.
"Hello! Recently, I purchased a "large" Neater Feeder as a Christmas gift for my sister and brother-in-law's VERY messy Boxer, Roxy. Unexpectedly, while visiting for the holidays and using her new Neater Feeder, we discovered that our cats very much enjoyed the Neater Feeder as well. Spencer and his sister Sofie (ragdoll mix kittens) loved it the most. Shortly after Roxy and her Feeder went back to "their" home, we got the cats their own "medium" feeder and we couldn't be happier! Spencer is a very unique cat in he very much enjoys playing in water and will even sit in a puddle to splash in it. He can splash to his heart's content in his water bowl now, and aside from wet paw prints, doesn't make a mess any more! The cats climb half-in to the Feeder munch on their kibbles and drink, and seem to really enjoy it. The still have "regular" water bowls in another room but almost totally ign ore them. (On a side note it also keeps Spencer from splashing in the toilet bowl as well!) Thanks for a great product that our "interesting" cats just love! Oh, and Roxy the messy boxer and her family LOVE the Neater Feeder as well"
Jessica L.
"I never write testimonials but after trying the neater feeder for one week, I knew I had to write in. We have a large golden retriever who is a VERY messy drinker. I have wood floors and was constantly going around after her and cleaning up after she would drink. Not anymore! The neater feeder totally lives up to its name! My floors remain clean and dry. Truly amazing! "
"We have a German Shephard. I would have to wipe up water on my floor every time she would take a drink. I love the Neater Feeder. No water messes and better yet it stays put, no sliding around. Best product ever!"
Diane R.
"I have a 6-yr. old daschund named Dudel. If I put Dudels water & food bowl next to each other he would scrape his nose to get the water into the food bowl and the food into the water bowl or all over the floor.When I separated the food & water bowls he continued to swat the food all over the floor before he thought about eating it (not good on hardwood floors or his nose)...along comes the neater feeder. Dudel,as much as he still tries to make a mess , he leaves a neat eating & drinking floor area and mommy simply empties out the water reservoir. The neater feeder and its inventor are a godsend to me - I love Dudel -he is my child- and now his eating and drinking are peaceful for me and him. Thanks for your great invention."
Linda L.
"Thank you thank you, I just received my 2 neater feeder and already I love it. I have 3 boxers and they are very messy drinkers. I have spent 7 years replacing towels from under their pedestal bowls, and picking up food they have dropped all over my kitchen floor. This is the best product I have ever purchased. I love it and the dogs went right over to it and started to drink water. No mess wow. I will spread the word at the dog park this weekend. Thanks you saved my kitchen floor and my sanity."
Elie H.
"I am extremely please with my neater feeder. My cat, Inky, was always slopping her water over onto the floor and I spent a fortune in paper towels mopping up. She also spills her food over the side, but now it is captured and I can return it to her bowl. Thanks to the inventor. "
"We have an English Mastiff who is the world's sloppiest eater and ultimate queen of drool. We had been using a large mat under her bowls, which in less than one day was full of liquid, mushy food, etc. It was disgusting. We ordered the Neater Feeder out of desparation. We are totally satisfied. Could not be happier. No more messy water to clean up, and the raised platform is just perfect. Wish we had found this years ago."
"With three cats in my home, cleaning up catfood off the walls and floors Was a daily activity. With my new neaterfeeder that is a chore of the past. I love it so much that i am ordering one for my chihuahuas right away."
Sharon M.
"We bought the Neater Feeder for our Boxer Morgan who is four years old. I can honestly say that I do not know how I survived for the last four years without it. I used to have her bowls on a 3x4 mat that had a plastic mat on top of that then topped off with a towel to soak up the water and food that she spilled on a daily basis. I was constantly changing the towels and mopping the floor to clean up the mess. I LOVE the Neater Feeder and I will never use anything else. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks again!"
Jennifer N.
"After almost a year, our Neater Feeders (we have 2) are still holding up from daily use and looks like they're still new!"
Nadine R.
"My cat is a messy eater and tossed his food all over the floor. He threw up sometimes. Now the floor is clean and I think because he doesn't have to bend over to eat he may not throw up. My daughter told me about your Neater Feeder and I ordered it at once. I think it is wonderful and has solved our problems. I would recommend it to all pet owners."
Shirley S.
"From the age of 2 months until the day I received the Cat Neater Feeder my then 8 month old Himalayan would make a mess on the floor with the water bowl. He insisted on moving the water bowl so it was against the food bowl...spilling most, if not all, of the water onto the floor. In short, by the time I got home from work there was often no water in the bowl for them to drink. He also insisted on putting his paws in the water before drinking. I have read that a cats near sight is not good and this causes some to have trouble seeing the water line: therefore, they feel for water with their paws. In any event, it disturbed me for mainly hygenic reasons. I have two other Persians and hated the thought of his walking through cat litter and then putting his feet in the water they drank. The day I got the Cat Neater Feeder this behavior ceased. The bowls are higher off the ground than his original bowl so I surmise he can see the water line now. And, he can no longer move the bowls. Wonderful! Hope this is helpful to anyone having the same problems. I searched for months for a solution and found it in the Neater Feeder. Only one suggestion, if you have more than one cat I suggest ordering the larger bowls to fit in the feeder. The bowls it comes with are fine for one cat but do not hold enough for multiple."
Linda B.
"We got the Neater Feeder and are now taking care of two very large, messy, drooly, black Lab and German shepherd, and my floors are clean and dry. It's great. People need this, esp. for big, sloppy dogs."
Susan F.
"Hands and Paws down one of the best purchases I have made in regards to pet products....Got the Large Neater Feeder for our German Shepherd , who happens to be a messy drinker. This product eliminated all the mess. Worth every dollar plus some."
M. Dittmer
"I have two and they are so clever. I have a small dog who always makes a big mess eating. She likes to splash her water into her food with her nose, paws etc. i am a neat freak and the wet floors and wet dog drove me crazy. I first saw the Neater Feeder on Gilt. I ordered it online. Now i see it in pet stores. I have one in each home and Zsa Zsa loves it. She can still splash a bit of water into her food, but it doesnt get on the floor, it just falls into the bottom!! Thank you,thank you for coming up with this new and useful invention."
Dr. Diane F.
"My cat kept knocking over her water dish, no matter what dish I used. The Neater Feeder was the answer. Terrific product."
Bobbi B.
"Just wanted to send a huge thank you! I have a English mastiff who makes such a mess as well as my other two pit bulls. Bella the mastiff ate and drank today in the neater feeder and I can honestly say this is the 1st time we didn't have to wipe up all the water and drool. Our kitchen is so small and now I can move where they eat out on the carpet with no worries. Great idea and thank you from Bella, Dolce, & Martie"
Julianne A.
"I love the Neater Feeder for my three cats! In the house, it has totally eliminated the ants that often invaded their bowls in the summertime. No ants at all!"
Lynn S.
"Wonderful! I would have to wipe the floors constantly, but not anymore. Thank you for a great product."
Richard S.
"LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!...Thrilled with the Neater Feeder. I drove to/from NY/FL over three days and it made my life easier, not having to scrub the floors in the hotels where we stayed. The components are easy to clean, too!"
Sandy S.
"Works like a charm!!!!"
Joan V.
"I have 2 of your Neater Feeders. They are wonderful for my golden retrievers. It has saved many hours of cleanup and the raised bowl level is perfect and much better for them. Thank for a wonderful product."
Jo C.
"My doberman always drooled his last drink of water all over the kitchen floor, dropped bits of food here and there. Even though I had a mat under his bowls, the floor was always wet and starting to effect my floor. I saw the Neater Feeder...I immediately ordered it. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found such a wonderful product (and such a great deal). I have used it now for several months and just can't believe how much neater it keeps the area where he eats. An added plus: I feel like it saves food costs as well, since he's not dropping food into moisture all around his water bowl. Everything this product says it does is true. It is wonderful and if you're thinking about getting it, I don't think you will be dissapointed! Thanks Neater Feeder, I like the dog a lot more now! :-)"
Kelly K.
"I love the Neater Feeder! My dachshund and beagle no longer throw kibble all over the kitchen floor, it's great! Even when my kids accidentally kick the Neater Feeder, the water doesn't get all over the floor. A must for all pet households!"
Alyssa B.
"Neater Feeders are the very best!!!! We bought one for our new puppy Rudy. When they proved to really be a neater feeder we purchased one for our Blue. Blue is an 8yo Mastiff, Lab, Catahoula Mix. She loves to drink water and has always made a mess doing so. So we immediately ordered her a Neater feeder and eliminated the mess! We are all thrilled with these feeders. I would recommend them to everyone. Best yet they are made in the USA!!! You cannot beat that! :-)"
Robin S.
"Our Sally has been spilling water on the floor for years but we didn't see the result until a kitchen remodel. The floor was rotting under the dog dish. Now with the large Neater Feeder, the feeding system catches about 1 1/2 cups of water each week. Our new floor is safe. There is even a benefit from Sally's perspective. Our cat no longer drinks from her bowl as she can't access the large Neater Feeder. Sally no longer has to share with the cat. Can't wait until I can get a small Neater Feeder for the cat!"
Mary C.
"I have four greyhound dogs, Yoko, Cassy, Spring and Breeze. I use the large Neater as a water station for my girls. The water stays cool and the dishes are very easy to clean. I just lift off the top of the Neater feeder and dump the water that has drained into the bottom part. I do not have to worry about slick wet floor! My older dogs have little or no teeth so the water does not splash all over the floor. My dogs just love to drink there water out of the Neater feeder. I really love this product!"
Lynette M.
"My cat is really messy with his food. I tried all kinds of things to help contain his mess. Then I stumbled upon this. What a great product! The design is very well thought out and easy to use. I love how everything stays in the feeder and off the walls and the floor. Plus, I was very impressed with the quality of construction and all the features that make it truly great -- like the non-skid feet, lower spill reservoir, and clever groves for easy bowl removal. Well done!! Thank you so much."
Lora and Jake, NC
"I never heard of your company until I saw your product in Petco. I purchased one for my foster rottweiler Ollie since she is such a sloppy drinker. I have to say that I was impressed with this product. No more water on my walls and floor. I also like the fact that I no longer have kibble on my floor since Ollie is such a sloppy eater also. The food now just spills down into the filter. What a wonderful product!!!!! I just wish this product was made 8 years ago when I had my first rottweiler."
Michele F.
"Wonderful invention! It has eliminated all of the food being pushed over the edge of the bowl and then spread around on the floor. I also like the appearance, neat and clean. Thanks!"
Alicia H.
"have had this product for several years got it from qvc my doxie likes to hide his food dish with this one he can't move it.also no mess to clean up.great invention."
Ed C.
"I have two English Mastiff, which by nature are very messy eaters/drinkers...I have to say this is the MOST WONDERFUL invention! No more days of mopping floors, changing maps daily under bowls...I cannot recommend this enough! Excellent product!"
"We are the proud owners of two Rhodesian Ridgebacks both about 80lbs. We were constantly having to pick up about 1/2 of cup or more of dog food off the floor, as well as cleaning up copious amounts of water with paper towels! After seeing the Neater ...and reading online testimonials I rushed to order two large feeders. I received them two days ago and all I can say is WOW what a difference! I have very little water on the floor and have picked up about 5 pieces of food off the floor, and they look great too! This is an awesome product and I recommend it to anyone who has pets. Thank you for making my life easier!"
Cathy F.
"Where have you been all my life? I have two Irish Setters who graze throughout the day and also share the same bowl. One of them is a sloppy drinker the other a food tosser. I just adjusted to days of wet socks from the water and walking on pieces of kibble throughout the day. It is OVER. They adjusted immediately, I have no more mess and the plus the bowl was so attractive I moved it to the dining room area. Now I have my kitchen back and my babies are neat and tidy. Awesome product."
Laura W.
"Just received our product this week, it's so nice to walk across the floor and not step on cat food. Thrilled with our product!"
Steven T.
"I absolutely love the neater feeder and so do my dogs! I have emailed your site to everyone I know that has a dog or cat. I just had new floors put in my kitchen and this came just in time. No ugly placemat under their bowls! Thank you so much."
Somari H.
"This is a great feeder for animals it stays put and is a wisk to clean."
Erie, PA
"great product ever made, help's keep food & water off the floor, keep's my home cleaner !!!"
Tim, Grayson, KY
"We love our neaterfeeder , my dog loves to eat now ! I'm so glad to have found this feeder to help my dog eat, theres no more leaning down for him ,or me feeding him out of my hand. He loved it the minute we put it down . This is the best product we have gotten our Golden Retriever , thank you !"
Granger, IN
"I have a great dane. The large dog neater feeder with the leg extenders works wonderfully well. No more food on the floor and no more water splashed all over the kitchen. She is visibly more comfortable eating as well. Sorry it took me 10 years to find this feeder - don't know how we managed without it!! Would HIGHLY recommend."
Houston, TX
"Great for Larger dogs. A must have for sloppy eaters / drinkers. My 2 german shephards are both messy drinkers and all I can say is PROBLEM SOLVED. "
Tom, Detroit, MI
"Just what we needed. We have been usuing the Neater Feeder for over a year and the extra bowls ensures that our pet always has food/water in clean bowls. There is never any food outside the bowl but expect that a vigorous slurper may still dribble some water outside the bowl."
Mountain View, CA
"We...saw this product featured as the deal of the day, so we decided to get one, it looked awesome. It IS awesome, we love it. So neat and clean for our messy dog."
Rosie S.
"I saw this bowl on a morning television show and they were offering it on a great deal, so I ordered it for my Golden Ret. that is 7 yrs. old. I felt like he needed a higher bowl as he is a fairly large dog. He would not have a thing to do with it for a day or two but now he walks right up and enjoys his meals. It is so WONDERFUL, no more mess really really neat. Why have I waited so long to purchase a great idea in a dog feeding system......THE BEST !! BRAVO AND THANK YOU.........."
Jane M.
"Fabulous product & very well made! Was very happy to see that the water dish is extra large-never want my dog going without water. Thanks :) "
Debra D.
"After I received The Neater Feeder and took the other dog bowl away, my terrier was like "what in the heck is that?!" After we showed him how to use his new dog bowl, he adjusted to it so quickly! it saves our floor from the spills and it looks great in my kitchen!"
Cheryl M.
"It is working wonderfully."
Vicky L.
"Works great!"
Renate H.
"The neater feeder is a revolutionary feeding system, helping even the messiest of dogs and their frustrated owners. I have 2 large dogs, a Dogue de Bordeaux and an English Bulldog, with droopy jowls and less than desirable eating habits. Prior to purchasing your product, I spent so much of my time mopping up water spills. This product makes it impossible for the dogs to flip the water bowl and keeps dripping water and food bits from their mouths contained into the convenient basin under the bowls. I love your product and so do my dogs! It has eliminated so much time spent picking kibble pieces from off of the floor! I have gone through so many dishes, bowls, mats and other products. Gone are the days of searching. The hearty plastic is a breeze to clean. I would recommend this product to anyone!"
Katie P.
"I'm not usually one to bother leaving reviews, but I'm so happy with this purchase. I used to keep my cat's food on a little rug/mat. After awhile it started attracting bugs, which was not cool! She has a habit of only ever eating or drinking from the edge of the bowl which tends to knock bits of everything everywhere. I have to admit I'm not the most gracious 'pourer' either, so that only added to the mess as she refuses to eat outside of her dish. This product is wonderful though! I love that it is raised, that it catches the food and water in such a smart way, and most of all that it seems to have solved the bug problem!"
"We have a beautiful, well behaved Irish Setter named Rowan who I dont think knows how to swallow! His water gets on the floor and food to! We purchased your product "Neater Feeder" yesterday and we love it! It catches most of the water and food that falls out of Rowan's mouth which means less on the floor! All I can say is I wish I had invented this product!"
Jocelyn B. and Rowan
"My Boston Terriers LOVE their Neater Feeder! I love that it keeps their feeding area clean and off the floor. It is the perfect height for them. I love that I can even place the feeder on the carpet with no messes to worry about. I am glad we have the Neater Feeder!"
Jean A.
"I have the large neater feeder for my three large boxer dogs. I use ours for there water bowls they love it and it keeps our floors dry. Thank you."
Mike W.
"...I bought my first Neater Feeder for Mickey, our German Shorthaired Pointer, because our floors were constantly wet from his gulping and dripping water everywhere. Almost every day we would step on the wet kitchen floor in stocking feet, and many times we came close to slipping and falling on the wet floor. The Neater Feeder has saved our floor and our socks. As Mickey grew, we changed the height and then ordered the leg extensions to make the feeder adjust to his growth spurt. What an awesome design! After such a good experience with our pup, I purchased a small Neater Feeder for Penny, our twenty-year-old calico cat, who loved to bat at her food and scatter kibble all over the carpet. Now she is content with leaving the food in her Neater Feeder, and all of us (dog, cat, and my husband and I) are happy thanks to Neater Feeder. No wet floors and no wasted food! I recommend Neater Feeder to anyone who has a pet. You won't regret buying it."
Deb S.
"Even though only one of our cats is a sloppy eater we bought two neater feeders. So happy we did. No more food rolling around on the floor no matter which feeder he eats from. Even though we can always tell were he has eaten from the feeders catch it all. Thank you for the great product!!!"
Marcia C.
"Best product I have bought for my 4 large dogs. No more food dropped on the floor or left behind the feeder. Great product."
Kim G.
"I love it!!!!! Used to have food and water on floor surrounding his bowls, but neater feeder is named correctly!!!!"
Rebecca G.
"The Neater Feeder is the best We have seen."
Jackie and Ron H.
"Charlie and I LOVE it!"
Gary K.
"Great product, my cat would constantly splash water out of the bowl and there would always be puddles of water on the floor, now when he does it, all the water gets splashed into the drain. Highly recommended if your cat likes to splash before he drinks..."
Brett A.
"The Neater Feeder is working great. My dog is a miniture poodle and even though he is small, he will throw his bowl around when he wants more of something. Often this causes him to spill water everywhere. The Neater Feeder is hard for him to throw around, thus I have much fewer spills on the floor. Thanks."
Betty S.
"This is the best pet dining method on the market! It's easy to clean and no mess on the floor. My cat loves it!"
"The Neater Feeder is working great! I did a lot of research and I can honestly say that this is the best elevated feeder that is on the market. We have a 65lb lab that would constantly leave behind a water trail when she would drink. We would also have a water around her bowl from her being a sloppy drinker. Both issues have been completely eliminated! We couldn't be happier!"
Scott W.
"I have two cat-size for water and one for dry food. Since there are five cats using them, this works out perfectly. Before the Neater feeder, I had water everywhere a couple of times a day...the cats loved to scatter and splash."
Patricia T.
"OMG, thank you for this wonderful product.. i am a truck driver with a 20 lb cat and have tried to figure out for years on what to use for less of a mess, and this is it. thank you so much."
Dawn J.
"Where do I start? From style to function our Jack Russell "Boz" loves his new Neater Feeder! Our son bumped into it last night and instead of having to grab another paper towel, the Neater Feeder took care of the mess all by itself. It also keeps up with the layout and style of our kitchen."
Maryann E
"Our two Jack Russell Terriers, Dino and Pluto, have developed a habit of pushing their food bowl all over the floor. Thanks to The Neater Feeder, not only do they no longer spill water and food on the floor, but because of the stable base of the system, their food bowl stays parked in one spot. Dino and Pluto send to you their thanks!"
Michael L
"My 2 kitties, Pinkie & Oliver love their new Neater Feeder! They were a little unsure at first, but took to it quickly. Now I don't have to sweep and wash the floor every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Michelle M
"This is the best thing that has happened to my floors(besides my Dyson) in a lifetime of labs! We now have dry socks and clean floors!Our youngest lab has a habit of sticking his entire face into his water dish up to his eyes and coming up dripping! My son has kicked it several times and still no water. I LOVE IT. Thanks for a great product!"
Deb H
"By far the best feeder on the market. Not only is it much healthier for a large breed dog to have their food bowls elevated, but it saves on the floors, makes clean-up a breeze and looks fantastic. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..."
Bethany K
"Worth Every Penny!"
Charlie's Mom
"My boxer is a handsome gentleman, except when he eats; at which time he splashes water and displaces food all around the kitchen, creating quite a slippery mess. When we discovered and purchased The Neater Feeder, my kitchen, bare feet, and my boxer could co-exist in harmony."
Gwen B., Milford, NJ
"Absolutely love it and Zorro (my dog) feels the same way! Great product"
Jamie M.
"I gave my neater feeder to my sister and she loves it for her golden retriever Max. He is a very sloppy drinker, it has saved her floors. Max is allowed to eat and drink in the kitchen again. Thank- you for a super product."
Liz M.
"This is by far, THE BEST PET FEEDER ON THE MARKET. I have two german shorthair pointers that are not very neat when drinking from there water bowl. I have tried all kinds of dog mat to keep the water off my hard wood floors. Needless to say nothing worked, until I bought the NEATER FEEDER, it is worth every penny of the 59.95 price that I paid and my hard wood floors have been dry every since. GREAT PRODUCT."
Wendy Z.
"Neater Feeder has saved my floors and my sanity! My sweet rescued Greyhound is a sloppy eater/drinker, and one of my cats loves to splash in her water bowl, so I got the large Neater Feeder for the dog and the cat version for the cats, and there hasn't been a spill since. I recommend Neater Feeder to all my friends. Its inventor is a star!"
Patricia W.
"We have a Boxer and he will not eat food once it falls on the floor. Our cats run and play and would knock his bowl over. That would be wasted food. Now it all stays in the bowl and they like drinking water from the bowl. This is a great product. I just wish I had found it sooner."
Karen V.
"Best dog dish we've ever had. The dog is neater, for sure. Thanks"
Susan S.
"For the last 10 months, our Yellow Lab has covered our floors in water when he drinks. We've tried larger bowls, elevated bowls, plastic mats, but nothing worked. I saw Neater Feeder in the Skymall catalog, and finally decided to buy it. When I unpacked it and put it together, I liked how well it blended with the decor of our home. Our dog started using it, and we immediately noticed a reduction of water on the floor. It's not gone entirely, but it's significantly reduced. But I didn't know how much it was reduced until yesterday, when after 3-weeks of use, I emptied the water reservoir, and there was enough water captured to fill 1 (maybe even 2) water dishes! This is all water that would've ended up on the floor. I would highly recommend the Neater Feeder to anyone with a messy sloppy dog!"
Mike B.
"the Neater Feeder is working just great for us. No more water all over the floor. Yea. We love it."
Bernie F.
"It is working Great!, She hasn't made A mess since I've gotten it...."
Brenda B.
"I love the Neater Feeder. Our cat Chelsea would splash her water all over the floor around ordinary water dishes. It has solved one of life's little aggravations!! Wish everything was this easy. Thanks!!!"
Jana W.
"The cats at first were not sure about it, but now its fine. Finally stopped picking up food and water spills. Great invention!!"
Darlene K.
"I love my neater feeder, thanks"
Cherie W.
"Loved it for my cat's feeder. Easy to clean and my cat loves it too."
Kathy W.
"I ordered your product. Today, I purchased my second one at my local Petco store. I have two huskies and a boxer. I use both bowls in the NeaterFeeder for water and was able to eliminate the need for both the boot tray and rug that I had under their water dishes trying to keep the mess to a minamum. Thank you for this wonderful produce that looks good and makes my life easier."
R. Herrmann
"loved your product wish I found it sooner since my cat is such a slop looks great and I dont have to clean up as often thank you for your product"
Joan A.
"My cat Dr. Rodney McKay loves to paw the dry food out of his bowl. Thanks to the Neater Feeder, it doesn't go all over the floor. And since I can scoop it right back into the bowl again, it's not wasted!"
Jantique F.
"Love it! Have saved our floors."
Theresa B.
"I just have to tell you, this bowl is GREAT!!!!! My cat Polo made such a mess with his food, I could not keep it clean. I had just replaced the flooring in the laundry room and wanted to be sure he didn't mess it up. It has been several weeks since I ordered this and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!"
Robin S.
"Love em!"
Tiffani P.
"I have never written a review or testimonial about a product before but this one surely deserves it....I was thrilled! I planned to use in a confined area with the kitty rescues I was making from a feral colony while awaiting their getting to my vet for appropriate treatments. My first rescue kept making a mess of his feeding and water bowls and I couldn't keep clean water in with him because he immediately tipped it over. I tried all of the non-tip bowls I could find but none worked. Before I had a chance to use the Neater Feeder for that purpose, another situation developed...I had an inside cat of my own (a previous feral rescue) in dire need of dental attention, after which he needed to be able to eat and take medicines in his food. He had had extensive mouth surgery and just wasn't eating or drinking at all so he wasn't even getting his meds. He went from 13.5 lbs to under 8 lbs and was weak and near death when the Neater Feeder arrived. I was frantic. I had had him to the vet for intravenous feedings/fluids twice but he would go for days without eating/drinking at home. Instead of using the Neater Feeder for the new rescues, I used it for my inside kitty. He immediately started eating and drinking and has been doing so with every meal I have given him! All the regular feeding bowls just weren't working right for him and moving all over the place when he tried to eat even though I tried to wedge them and anchor them for him. The Neater Feeder keeps the bowls at the perfect level for him and does NOT move around! He has eaten every morsel of food (even with medicines in them!) put in front on him since that feeder arrived about 2 weeks ago! It is my opinion that the Neater Feeder has saved my kitty's life and I will be forever thankful and will be buying more! I cannot thank them enough for this great product!"
Barbara W.
"Dear Neater Feeder,

We cats had a good thing going, spilling water constantly and dragging our water bowl all over the kitchen, until you ruined it all. Our Human, Ellen B., even tried other products, such as a weighted water dish, and a dish with a large reservoir on top, but we overcame those obstacles in no time! But now, with the Neater Feeder Bronze Cat Feeder for our water, we have no fun at all. The darn thing stays put and the water doesn't spill on the floor. YAWN!! We are bored and it's all your fault."
Moonpie & Big Red-Hackettstown, NJ
"My grand daughter came home with a kitten so I needed to get some pet supplies. I found your web sight while looking for pet food dishes. I watched the video and was impressed with the Neater Feeder. I kept the kitten outside because of the mess she made while eating. I ordered the Neater Feeder and when it arrived I moved the kitten inside. The kitten and I love it. There is no mess to deal with. This product is exactly as described and shown in the video. After ordering, I had a question about my order. I contacted customer service by email and received a prompt response. Great company to do business with."
Dennis O., Port Neches, TX
"My cats and dog actually stood in line to use the Neater Feeder for the first time. They love it and I love it. My dog has an underbite, which causes him to scatter small crumbs of food when he eats. With the Neater Feeder, the debris field is gone!"
Kristi A.
"I came across your site quite by accident while looking for better dishes for my dog and cat. I'm glad I did! I bought a Neater Feeder for our cat and was so satisfied with it that I bought one for our dog. No more mess or water spills on the floor. They are so easy to maintain and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who has dogs and cats."
Carolyn F., Delhi, NY
"I just wanted to thank Neater Feeder for saving me all the time and aggravation of cleaning my floors every night. I have two St. Bernards, one of which is the messiest eater I have ever seen. He scoots his food with his nose and half of the food that he gets into his mouth gets caught in his jowls and then falls out. By the time he was done eating, you'd have thought a bomb went off in my kitchen. I was doing some online research in hopes of finding something to help with this problem when I stumbled upon the Neater Feeder website.

I figured it was certainly worth a try so I ordered one to give it a shot. I'm a little skeptical when it comes to ordering things online having never seen the actual thing in person...but much to my surprise, the feeder is very sturdy and well-made. Only a minimal amount of food makes it to my floors now! I was so pleased with it that I ordered a second one so each of my dogs has their own.

I absolutely love these feeders and would recommend them to anyone who owns a messy eater!"
Sharon B.
"The Neater Feeder has been a great addition to my home. I have two cats who are willing to share it and this keeps their food off the floor. They're not particularly messy with water, but kibble seems to get everywhere. Now the Neater Feeder catches it all and I simply dump it out every few days. The kitties still like to play with their food, but at least it doesn't end up on my floor! I'd recommend this product to anyone with messy pets."
Cheryl W.
"I want to thank those who invented the Neater Feeder. I have a 6 month old Newfoundland. I love his Neater Feeder because Newfoundlands love water and can make quite a mess. His Neater Feeder is just the right size to catch any extra water and it prevents him from attempting to swim in his water bowl. I don't think I could have come up with a better system, to some it may seem simple, but it works!"
Kasey H.
"This is the best ever for large dogs. I have been mopping up my floor since we've owned our dog and for the first time ... the whole area where he eats stays clean! Wonderful!"
"My youngest of 6 rescue cats is still a kitten at one. She has shovel mouth...scrapes the food up the side of the bowl with her bottom jaw, and eats it off the floor. It required two daily sweeps of my bathroom. The Neater Feeder is WONDERFUL! The food stays within the feeder - not a drop of food is there to step on with bare feet. So glad i saw your ad in Cat Fancy!"
Marian G.
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