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Become A Neater Feeder® Guest Blogger. Share your story & help spread the word about Neater Feeder®

I could really use your help! I'm looking to share your Neater Feeder stories with all the pets and pet owners out there to help spread the word about Neater Feeder. As you know, it truly changed my life, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Every pet is unique, and every "sloppy to neat" Neater Feeder story is special and deserves to be heard via the Neater Feeder Blog. Sharing your stories will help encourage other pet owners to get a Neater Feeder for their pet, and we want to help other pets to become neat eaters - don't we?!

Here's how you can become a published author!

Simply type out your story on your computer or have your owner do it if you aren't technically savvy, telling us how the Neater Feeder improved your dining experience. Then send it to us by clicking here.

Please include your name, your owner's name, where are you are from, and a photo of yourself.

Thanks for all your help! I'm looking forward to reading and sharing your triumphs!

The Original Sloppy Dog

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